Roof Shingles; Picking The Right One For Your Home 

roof shingles

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Welcome to Shinglesville: The Rugged World of Roof Shingles

Ever wondered about the artistic craft hiding in plain sight over our heads? Yes, we’re talking about roof shingles! Roof shingles not only provide a necessary protective layer to our homes but also enhance the aesthetic value, transforming a house into a warm dwelling. Placed usually in overlapping sequences, these elements undoubtedly play a sterling role in the home construction process. **We can safely say that roof shingles are like the cherry on top!**

Clambering up the Ladder: The Basics of Shingle Roofing

Shingles roofing, although a tad bit complex, can be a DIY project for the adventurous. It’s definitely not a stroll in the park, you’re bound to break a sweat. But the contentment of crafting your shelter is unparalleled. Consider construction materials, figure out the quantity needed, don’t forget about shapes and sizes, and, most importantly, ponder on the safety protocols. The ball game here is about calculating risks and rewards. **So, if you’re not much of a risk-taker, well, that’s what we pros at Cline Construction are here for!**

A Smorgasbord of Choices: Venturing Into Roof Shingle Colors

You may be surprised to know roof shingle colors play a substantial role in the overall presentation of a house. It’s not just about matching colors with the rest of your house’s exterior. You should also consider whether you want it to absorb or reflect heat. For instance, lighter colors tend to reflect heat, which can keep your house cooler in summer.

Weathering the Storm: Harnessing the Power of Roofing Shingle

Roofing shingles can play a crucial role in safeguarding your home against harsh environmental conditions – be it the immense Kansas City heat or the ruthless winter snow. They primarily act as a shield for the underlying structure, mitigating the damage caused by rain, hail, snow, and wind. In essence, **roofing shingles are the unsung heroes defending our domestic peaceful haven!**

Straddling the Fence: The Dilemma Between Commercial and Residential Uses

Whether you’re gunning for a residential or commercial project, roof shingles work similarly for both. Opting for the appropriate type, however, can call for some discernment. Broadly, asphalt shingles could be your best bet for residential projects owing to their well-rounded characteristics. On the other hand, metal shingles could well top your list for commercial projects, particularly for their durability and low maintenance. Well, fret not! With Cline Construction, you’re always in safe hands.

Final Thoughts: The Last Nail in the Shingle

In the end, it all trickles down to what precisely your needs and resources are. The whole process can be overwhelming, but it need not be. **Just remember, the right choice leads to wonderful returns.** At Cline Construction, we firmly believe that. So, ever considered a new look for your home? Perhaps you should turn your eyes skyward, to the understated sophistication of modern roof shingles! And remember, the roof is always coolest on the shingle side.